Eyebrows 1st Sitting Top-up
Powder £160 £100
Hair Stroke

£150 £90
Inner or Outer Ends £90 £70
Lips1st Sitting Top-up
Lip Liner £120 £80
Lip Contour £160 £110
Full Lip Blush £180 £120
Eyeliner1st SittingTop-up
Lash Enhancement

£110 £90
Top Liner£120 £100
Bottom Liner £120 £100
Thick Top Liner £140 £120
Top & Bottom Liner£170£130
Beauty Spot  
Colour Refresh  
(after 12 months)£120

Most procedures take a minimum of 2 visits, the first appointment with consultation and the second being the top-up. I believe ‘less is best’ so the desired look will be built up over the two appointments to ensure we achieve the best results.

I advise that your first appointment creates a softer effect which can be altered on your second visit, 4-6 weeks later, giving more definition and depth if required.

A ‘colour boost’ is recommended every 1-2 years to keep your make up looking crisp and fresh.