If you thought looking great was just for women, then think again. Men can also benefit with micropigmentation treatments. Ideal for men suffering with thinning eyebrows or who want more shape and definition.

Micropigmentation is the virtually undetectable way to restore or enhance your natural features.

More men than ever before are choosing micropigmentation to correct the effects of certain medical problems or simply improve their looks. It can add definition to your eyebrows, correct the shape and shade of your lips, or discreetly define your eyes. No one will ever know – unless you tell them.


This treatment adds definition to your eyebrows, enhancing thinning or naturally sparse eyebrows or creating the appearance of brows if you have none.

Gives your lips back their natural shape if they are thinning or losing their definition. It can conceal scarring and give a subtle boost of colour.

Make your eyes stand out. Pigments are placed between each lash to give the effect of a fuller lash line. Your eyes will appear accentuated and their colour enhanced.

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