Who can benefit from semi permanent makeup ?
• People of any age who desire makeup perfection all day, every day
• People who play sports and want makeup that won’t run or smudge
• Busy people who don’t have time to apply make up every day
• People who have poor eyesight or shaky hands
• People who have lost hair through illness
• People who are sensitive to traditional cosmetics

How long does semi permanent makeup last ?
Semi permanent makeup can last for several years but is dependent on certain factors including skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure. As a general rule most treatments should be refreshed every 1-2 years to keep the colour looking new and fresh.
Does it hurt ?
For most people discomfort is minimal, as numbing cream is applied to keep the client comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.
How long does the treatment take ?
Treatments take around 1 ½ to 2 hours. A full discussion on the shape and colour is included. The shape is measured and drawn on before the pigment is applied. When the client is happy with both the shape and colour the procedure begins. The client can see the treatment as it progresses. Full aftercare information is then given.
How quickly will it heal ?
The treated area will take approximately 7 days to heal. The colour will look a little darker and more intense during the healing process but this will fade by about 40%. Immediately after treatment the skin around the treated area may be a little pink, this will disappear after an hour or so. The colour of the treated area will soften during the first week and look much more natural. Complimentary aftercare products are included with your treatment.

After your initial treatment you will need a top-up in 4-6 weeks to make any shape or colour alterations and to put back in any pigment that may have come out during healing.

Once your treatment is complete, you will just need a top-up every 1-2 years to keep your colour looking fresh.