Beautifully Shaped Eyebrows


Your eyebrows are one of the most important features. They frame the face and open up the eye. Eyebrow contouring defines facial features by bringing balance to the face. The arch of your brow expresses your mood and can even make you look younger.

Regardless of the natural shape and growth of your own brow hair, semi permanent make up can give you fuller, liftedand perfectly shaped brows. A small enhancement can make a big difference to your appearance. Eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of repeated tweezing. Semi permanent makeup is the perfect solution.

Using colours mixed to match your hair colour and skin tone, you can achieve a natural look by replicating hair strokes or have a fuller powdered effect by adding a soft shade of colour to your brows without applying individual hair strokes.

  • Give balance and symmetry to uneven brows.
  • Reshape and add fullness to sparse or over plucked brows.
  • Create a more youthful look by lifting and defining brow shape.
  • Cover scars or gapsin your brows.
  • For natural looking brows go for natural hair strokes that look like individual hairs.
  • For a more dramatic look go for powder brows.